Friday, September 20, 2013

Here it comes - - Judi's Hill !

In which Dr. Judi Haberkorn, a (former) social work professor at Ohio University, must navigate a  steep hill every single day just to get to her office, not to mention other places she'd like to go.  Judi has been living with a variant of Multiple Sclerosis for 7 years and has been in a wheelchair for 2 of them.  How does she maneuver  around the physical and mental obstacles in her way?

Click here to watch Judi's Hill video

Judi's not the only one with accessibility issues.  We here at OU just finished a Disability/Accessiblity Day, where others with mobility issues raised their voices.  Judi skyped in for our panel, and gave the students an earful about her experiences here and how they might be managed by others in the future.

Next week we'll have a post and a video about The Disability Awareness Day, 
so stay tuned!