The PD/MS Narrative Project 

to tell 
YOUR story...

Any way you want to 
(It doesn't have to be a big story or a long story, just a little incident will do)

*Drawings? check
*Poems? check
*A song? check
*Video? check
*Photographs? check
*Text? check
*A conversation? check

Possible collaborations:  
*tell us about when you were diagnosed. what happened?  
*What symptoms did you have that started to make sense?
*Something that's happened recently.
*What's it like to meet a new PWP - -or one who's more advanced?
*Words that really bother me
*The most boring thing about PD
*If there could be ONE thing I'd change
*The most aggravating part of PD
*I hate neurologists because
*I love neurologists because
*I really miss----
*Here's something I never thought I'd do...
*So there I was, minding my own business, when...

Becoming an active participant in the PD/MS Narrative Project is simple:

Just send us your story or idea to this email: pdnarrativeproject@gmail.com

we will work with you to help you share your story.

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