Thursday, July 18, 2013

Behind the Scenes of a PD Narrative Shoot!

Today we have something a little different to show you all. Rather than presenting another polished, finished product, we here at the PD Narrative Project decided it would be fun to let you guys have a look at the process of preparing for and executing a PD Narrative Project shoot. There's been some chaotic construction going on around out offices for the last couple months, and we decided it would be an interesting and soothing background for an impromptu planning session. Enjoy the pictures!

The team looks over the day's notes
The notes in question
Jenny and Jen laughing at their own jokes
Contemplation... Can't you just hear the gears a-grinding?
Meet the youngest member of the team, Jen and Joe's son Ro
The gang rests in the shade
Conferring with Madison
In the viewfinder
Sidewalk Closed
The Overlord: Always Watching
The cover of our first album?
Stephen working on this very post!

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